Female singer Mauritius

Born to be a vocalist, our Queen is an accomplished artist. She sings in various languages since her youngest age and her vocal feats mesmerised countless crowds.

bass guitar player Mauritius - Jonathan
Bass guitar player

Jonathan is every cover band’s dream bassist. For having played in different styles, his bass lines outlines the harmony of each tunes we play.

Irfann - Sound Engineer Mauritius
Assistant Sound Engineer

Irfaan is our funny sound guy. But he plays a key role in all our musical events and takes care of all equipment and mixing processes.

Wedding band drummer Mauritius

In addition to his sensational drumming techniques, Ashwin is also a uniquely creative musician with limitless sound-magination.

Mauritian Bollywood wedding band singer

Arvind is blessed with powerful vocals and a deep love for music. He has a long experience as lead singer in wedding bands across Mauritius.

Rakesh Bhojpuri Sega singer in Mauritius
Vocalist & Sound Engineer

Passionate about Sega and Bhojpuri music, Rakesh is known for his ability to set fire to the stage. We call him ” The son of Sona Noyan ”

Raza Oodian - Bollywood singer Mauritius

Raza is one singer who can sing in all genres and styles. His emotional singing of popular Bollywood tunes perfectly fit wedding ceremonies.

Nilen Keyboard & Sitar player Mauritius
Keyboard & Sitar

With years and years of experience, Nilen is an excellent keyboard player and also very good at classical instruments like Sitar.

Yuhan Beekharry - Lead guitarist Mauritius
Lead Guitar

Yuhan has been a bedroom guitarist for too long, he’s now riffing and soloing every-time he gets on stage.

Bollywood Indian Wedding band Mauritius
Tere Mere Reprise – Chef Mp3 – Cover // LDO Recordings
  1. Tere Mere Reprise – Chef Mp3 – Cover // LDO Recordings
  2. Galliyan – Dishnee // LDO Recordings
  3. Rev nu ancetre // LDO Recordings
  4. Aadat Cover – Raza Oodian // LDO Recordings